Who Discovered Electropathy?

Across the globe, continuous developments in medicinal sciences (therapeutics) have significantly contributed to the incessant efforts to make human life healthier and safer. At the same time, it has constantly been challenged by unfamiliar diseases and ailments emerging rough science have persistently every now and then. The efforts to respond to these challenges through science have persistently been in place since ages. Such is the story of Electrohomeopathy. The history and discovery of this medical system was made in 1865 by Italian Scientist Count Ceaser Mattei of Bologna (Italy). He was born on 11th January, 1809 at La Rocchetta of Bologna (Italy). Under the influence of the philosopher Paolo Costa, Count Mattei was encouraged to devote his time and wealth to the service of humanity.

Count Cesare Mattei cured around 20,000 (twenty thousand) patients through Electrohomeopathy across the time ranging from 15 June, 1865 to October, 1867. In recognition to his exemplary services, the Pope of Rome extended the opportunity of establishing a separate department of Electrohomeopathy at the renowned St. Theresa Hospital of Italy, which was associated with the prestigious University of Bologna and extended complete autonomy to Count Mattei to independently practice and impart therapeutic services there. Here, Count Mattei tested several Electrohomeopathy medicines and cured numerous people.

Count Mattei continued practicing Electrohomeopathy treatment and very soon the name and fame of Count Mattei and Electro Homeopathy crossed the boundaries of Rome and Italy, it was
now spreading its reach to other countries. During the same time, the Princess of Austria, Wormt Zoff suffered from a severe ailment, and unfortunately wasn’t being cured by any medicine or treatment. Ultimately, the royal family after learning about the name and reputation of Electrohomeopathy, called for Count Mattei to examine the princess. Count Mattei successfully restored the princess to health through Electrohomeopathy medicines.

Mattei dedicated his life to the discovery of Materia Medica : Capable of modifying not only the manifestation or symptoms of disease, but also their principle, or to speak better, their first cause. It is by means of a theory so simple yet so elementary, consisting of curative agents which he called Electricity in the remedies (Electro-Homoeopathy), that everyone may cure themselves and his medicine is certainly the medicine of the future.