Who can use Electropathic remedies?

Electro Homoeopathy can be used by anyone of any age group who suffers from acute to chronic illnesses, for example, stone, ovarian cysts, digestive disorders, skin disease, respiratory disorder, piles, sinusitis, arthritis, migraine, ulcers, etc. These medicines are extracted from non-poisonous plants. Aside from being completely herbal, Electropathy has various other benefits. Here are some merits of this system of medicine:

  1. The latest inventions of science are considered to be the most advanced. Electropathy is the youngest of all therapeutic sciences.
  2. Electropathy is naturally a completely herbal therapeutic science.
  3. There are no side-effects of any kind
  4. Electropathy medicine as cost effective
  5. Electropathy medicine if taken accidentally also ensure
  6. Electropathy medicine are easy to consume and conveniently suitable for all age groups.
  7. There is not much of dietary abstinence
  8. It is an organic therapy based on nature.