Admissions to this institute are granted only at the beginning of the academic year as per the rules laid down by the board.

Since Electropathy has become a recognized medical system in Rajasthan. Therefore, the above courses will be started in a new form only after the guidelines of the state government. However online courses are open.

Other admission related information will also be available after the new guideline.

This institute is currently running a variety of online courses for the training of Electropathy practitioners. The information for entering these is as follows –

  1. For online course, you have to fill the form given here
  2. The form can be filled only after filling the online fee on the given bank account.
  3. After receiving your fee and form, we will send your enrollment number.
  4. After this, a link will be sent to you to join the course online, using which you will be able to join the course.