Principles of Electropathy

“Life is in blood & Lymph, disease in its vitiation and Medicine in Similar” According to Mattei’s theory any malaise had its origin either in the lymph or in the blood or in both.Mattei saw lymph and blood as soldierly forces in the functioning of the organism.Disturbance of one would sooner or later result in disturbance of the other.”

Blood plays a vital role in maintaining the overall health of our body and individual human body. 70 percent of blood is present in Hemoglobin within Red Blood Cells, 4 pert the muscle protein Myoglobin, and 25 percent is stored in liver, bone marrow, spleen kidneys. The remaining 1 percent blood is found in the liquid portion of plasma and the enzymes of cells. Blood fights against infections and helps in healing the wounds. This helps in keeping a human body healthy.

The Lymphatic system of the human body is a complex system constituted of glands. Temple spleen, thymus gland and tonsils. This repairs and maintains the cells, extracts toxins and impurities and in turn helps the blood purifying organs like liver and kidneys. These impurities may be toxins, drugs, foreign particles, pesticides, other harmful substances or the impurities generated as a by-product of various processes within the body. There are
possibilities of barriers and obstructions in these processes, which may result in accumulation of impurities within the organ system for years. Lymphatic fluid travels along with and is responsible for expulsion of impurities released by the body cells. This also forms the function of maintaining and up keeping the immunity system of the body, thus playing a vital role in keeping the body healthy.

This implies that any change in the normal composition of blood or lymph or both results in diseases. Therefore, the principle of Electrohomeopathy is supported by modern science.

Each approach has its unique underlying principle that differentiates it from other approaches

Likewise, Electropathy also has its unique principles.

  1. Complexa – Complexis – Curenter
    Count Mattei advocated that the human body and its individual organs are complex (unified), therefore if any ailment is generated, it affects the entire system (organ). For that reason, in order to cure the particular organ, accordingly we need to give a complex medicine.
  2. Impurity of blood and lymph is the prime reason of illness
    Our scriptures aptly mention “Rase-rakte cha shuddhe prani deerghaayurapnoti”