Welcome to Sir J.C. Bose Medical Institute of Electrohomeopathy – Jaipur

In the last few decades, many institutions in the field of health have come up to offer health services to millions of people, each has its own way and scope, but the goal is to serve humanity. Sir J.C. Bose Medical Institute of Electropathy (SJCBMIE) was established with the goal that health services should reach to the common man and that health care should be inexpensive, natural and harmless.

Currently Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Unani, Homeopathy, Siddha Sowa Rigpa, Naturopathy and Yoga etc. are practiced in India as an official system. Apart from these there are many effective medical practices which are contributing in the health sector in the country and the world. One of them is Electrohomeopathy called Electropathy. Electropathy is now also considered as a official system in Rajasthan (India).

This institute is doing the education, treatment and medical work very effectively by this system of medicine. Count Cesaer Mattei, the inventor of this medical science, was clear that our food is trees & plants, so our medicine is also contained in the nature itself. One of the main grounds on which Count Cesaer Mattei created this medical science is that plants have electric power. The same principle was given by the famous botanist of our country Jagdish Chandra Bose, who proved through his many experiments that Stimulation in plants is transmitted through electrical means rather than chemical medium.

Both Count Caesar Mattei and Jagdish Chandra Bose are great ideals of our thoughts and these eminent personalities have had huge influence in the name and work of Sir J.C. Bose Medical Institute.

Sir J.C. Bose Medical Institute of Electropathy, Jaipur is breeding many young Electropathy doctors in the country through its comprehensive educative and consultative approach and trainings.

This Institute is managed by Sethia Education & Research Society (Regd.), Raj.