Is it compulsory to attend the CEHP Training Course before I appear for the exam?

No. You may directly register for the exam without attending the training course.

What is the procedure for registration for the exam?

You can fill the registration form on our website (www.electropathy.org) and submit the registration fees along with. Post verification, you will receive the confirmation regarding your registration.

Will I get the certificate if I only attend the training course?

No. You will be awarded a CEHP certificate only when you have successfully passed the CEHP exam.

What is the passing criteria for the CEHP exam?

You will have to obtain at least 60% marks to pass the CEHP exam.

What happens if I fail the exam and want to appear again?

In case you fail the exam, you will be provided with an option to reappear by re-registering for the exam.

How many attempts do I have to clear the CEHP exam?

There is no limit on the number of attempts to clear the exam.

What is the fees for registration or re-registration of CEHP exam?

Will I be entitled to use the initials C.E.H.P. once I clear the exam?

Once you clear the exam you will be awarded with a CEHP certificate and will be entitled to use the initials C.E.H.P. Level-1 or C.E.H.P. Level-2, as the case maybe.

What is the faculty in CEHP training course?

You will be taught by EDr. Hemant Sethia, a well- known professional and an expert in the field of Electropathy.

Is this course available for Electrohomepaths all across India?

Yes, Electrohomeopaths from all across India are eligible to attend this course and appear for the CEHP exam.

In which languages will the training course be taken?

Training courses will be available in both Hindi and English.

In which languages will the CEHP exam be taken?

CEHP exam will be taken in English.

Do I have to visit SJCBM Institute, Jaipur to attend the classes?

No. Classes for the training course will be conducted online through virtual classes and study material for trainees.

Do I have to attend SJCBM Institute, Jaipur to appear for the CEHP exam?

No. The CEHP exams will be conducted online.

What will be the schedule for Training classes?

4 week course with 4 days a week and approx 1-hour per day. Detailed schedule will vary respective to batches.

How to pay the fees?

The fee payment can be done online via UPI, Paytm, Bank Transfer or any other online payment medium.

Will there be any study material provided?

Yes, brief notes will be provided to all the trainees.