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Sethia Education and Research Society

Education, research and service are the basis of any progressive and vibrant society. These are the three important components of any society which claims to be civilized and progressive.

The Sethia Education and Research Society has been active on the three-pronged projects of education, research and service since 1996. The society was registered in 1999 as per the requirements of the growing field.

We work tirelessly to achieve our objective of providing effective and affordable healthcare to people. 

Objectives of Society –

  • To organize free medical camps for public health services
  • Research in complex diseases like Cancer, AIDS etc. and development of Electropathy
  • Work on education of poor students
  • To serve humanity in times of natural calamities
  • SERS works on ideals of “Nar Seva-Narayan Seva” and will continue to serve the society.


Your support and contribution to the society will awaken the light of hope in the lives of many needy people. Let us donate for these sacred works.

Donations made are exempted under Section 80-G of Income Tax Act 1961

Account Name: Sethia Education and Research Society
Account Number: 01150100005864
Bank: Bank of Baroda
Branch: Power House Road, Bani Park, Jaipur Bank