CEHP Level-2 <span>(Certified Electrohomeopathy Practitioner)</span>
Eligibility - CEHP -1 & Any Electrohomeopathy
Duration - 45 Days

CEHP Level-2 (Certified Electrohomeopathy Practitioner)

About: Electropathy has been known since past 150 years as one of the complete herbal medical system with proven responses. This course is next level of CEHP-1 consisting of latest Electropathy practices and advanced concepts. It aims at providing you with the knowledge and techniques required to practice Electropathy medicine in this changing scenario along with its best practices and detailed knowledge about all the sub-systems of Electropathy medicine.
Upon successfully completing this course you will have a advanced knowledge about the medical system with in depth understanding of each of the sub-systems present in Electropathy. Student will be able to build a portfolio of Electropathy practitioner providing you with the confidence to plunge into the on field practice of the system for serving the mankind. In addition to earning a professional certificate of CEHP-2 from SJCBMIE you will receive a digital badge from SJCBMIE recognizing your proficiency in Electropathy medicine

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  1. Detailed Scrofoloso group
  2. Detailed Angiotico group 
  3. Detailed Canceroso group
  4. Detailed Pettoral group
  5. Detailed Febrifugo group
  6. Detailed Venerio group
  7. Detailed Vermifugo group
  8. Detailed Linfatico group
  9. Detailed Electricity
  10. Detailed Body points and their application
Process: Any eligible student can take up this course. After the completion of the course subjects, Applicant will qualify for a taking up a online examination. If the applicant passes the examination with the required percentage (as decided by the institution), he/she will receive the course certificate.
Award: Successful students are awarded the Certified Electrohomeopathy Practitioner certificate and are entitled to use the initials CEHP-2

Registration Procedure:

  1. Make the payment using UPI, Paytm or Bank Transfer. (Save the receipt)

    Bank Account details
    Name: Sir J.C. Bose Medical Institute of Electropathy
    Account No.: 1586000100072497
    Bank: Punjab National Bank
    Branch: Dher ka Balaji, Jaipur (Raj)
    IFSCode: PUNB0158600
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