About Us

Electropathy was invented by Count Cesare Mattei in year 1865. The Electropathy system is the most natural and safe method of treatment which enables to restore the health of the patient quickly, gently and permanently.

The Electropathy remedies are prepared by scientific process called “Cohobation”, in which the living energies of the plants, in the form of essences are obtained and combined from medicinal plants. These remedies have maximum curative capacity to regulate the lymph and blood and it also keeps them purified.


Sir J C Bose Medical Institute of Electropathy (SJCBMI) is a prime institution of Electrohomeopathy in India. We have a clear belief that healthcare of humanity can only be provided by a safe, simple and inexpensive method of medicine. With this aim, we have educated, guided & trained many Electropathy doctors through our educational programs who are currently providing their services in 17 states of India including Rajasthan.

Through several country wide seminars on Electropathy conducted by SJCBMI, we bought the merits and virtue of this system amongst Electropathy practitioners and students all over the country. With best of our practices we have also put-forth the specialties and uniqueness of this method amongst many distinguished personalities and various health ministers of the country.

It is a result of SJCBM Institute’s constant efforts that Rajasthan has become the first and only state in India to get recognition for Electropathy.

At present, SJCBM Institute holds an important place in the field of Electropathy research, promotion along with field work providing treatment, medicine, quality literature & Education across the country.